Puli Runner- Best Blockchain Game

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Puli Runner- Best Blockchain Game

The Puli Runner Mobile Game:

Play to earn, beat your scores — Make friends and have fun!

Our Puli Runner mobile game is an addictive fun game that you can start playing instantly (Download from either Google Play or Apple Store).

Puli Runner is a casual game where you can play with existing prebuilt skins for casual fun and to support the development team or expand into the world of crypto and learn how to get involved with Play-to-Earn and NFT integration!

Avoid obstacles and enemies! Dodge falling and rolling objects!

Connect your cryptocurrency wallet to explore the world of Play-to-Earn and NFT integration on your mobile device.

You can earn Puli Points by collecting fortune cookies during the game, which can be traded in for $PULI tokens at our website.

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Puli Runner- Best Blockchain Game

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