Youtuber Dr. Disrespect And NFT's

Youtuber Dr. Disrespect And NFT's

Remy Sharp
Play To Earn Games | 28 Mar 2023 04:35 UTC

Dr. Disrespect’s Midnight Society to Launch NFT Early Access in its Upcoming Game.

The famous and often controversial Youtuber Dr. Disrespect plans to enter the domain of NFT's via his Midnight Society studio. Midnight Society develops AAA-rated games and it has recently shared details on its NFT early access details.

Youtuber Dr. Disrespect Enters Domain Of NFT's
Youtuber Dr. Disrespect Enters Domain Of NFT's

The early access plan goes by the name “Founders Pass” NFTs.

The early access Founders Pass NFTs information was shared in a blog post written by Midnight Society’s Robert Bowling.

The blog post explained that the studio wanted to give priority to its “Day Zero Community” by becoming paid up early access members.

The Day Zero Community is also part of the studio’s Discord group where the studio disseminates all the information.

The Day Zero Community will pay $50 in cash or in Ethereum cryptocurrency to get Founders Pass NFT's. This will grant them membership advantages along with the “Visor Cortex” helmet design.

The members will have the liberty to trade or sell their passes with other interested ones in the line.

The blog read, “As we focus on building the best new PVP multiplayer first-person shooter, we're looking to leverage the collective strength of our Day Zero community to go hands-on during crucial early development milestones of the project.

Youtuber Dr. Disrespect Enters Domain Of NFT's
Youtuber Dr. Disrespect Enters Domain Of NFT's

This means building an infrastructure that allows the active participants of our community to experience environments, weapons, movement, and other core tenets of the gameplay at a stage where their feedback, input, and guidance can be incorporated.”

Midnight Society is was co-founded by Dr. Disrespect aka Guy Beahm back in December 2021. The studio hasn’t shared many details on what sort of video game it is developing.

The only detail is that “it will be the most community-focused online PVP multiplayer experience the world has ever seen.” As of now, the game will enter its early development phase which the Day Zero community will test.

Midnight Society’s Early Access Founder Pass application will be open until March 23.

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