Web3 and Blockchain Gaming

Web3 and Blockchain Gaming

Remy Sharp
Play To Earn Games | 28 Mar 2023 04:41 UTC

A change in the status quo, tradition, customs, or ‘normal’ often meets criticism, skepticism, and repulsive attitude from society or communities. 

The same is the case with Web3 and its integration into gaming. However, the mainstream audience and their grievances hold weight as there are myriad challenges in the niche. Starting from scams to hacking, boring gameplay to poor graphics, massive initial investments and to top it all off, the primary purpose of playing video games is lost.

Web3 and Blockchain Gaming will Eventually Win Gamers’ Hearts
Web3 and Blockchain Gaming will Eventually Win Gamers’ Hearts

However, the upcoming Web3 games are addressing these issues and improvement is by leaps and bounds. 

The upcoming blockchain games are playable on PC, console, as well as mobile with AAA titles. One such example is the game Shatterpoint, an action RPG inspired by the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

The game has a single-player campaign and multiplayer modes based on seasons. The decorated avatars of top players reset every season and the players have to start from scratch. So, the idea is to turn top-performing player avatars into NFTs with a limited amount per season. The minted avatars will stay permanent and players will also have the choice to sell them in a marketplace. 

Additionally, new games do not require players to break their bank as many are free to play. And most importantly, the games are made with a focus on fun, not economics. 

Another example is the Rabbit Hole game which started with the NFT collection of cute little rabbits. The collection sold out in minutes and people were inquiring about the video game, movies, and animations based on the same NFTs. 

The Rabbit Hole game is already under development with the creators making it a fun game so that people actually want to play it. 

Lastly, the wild west persona of Web3 is changing with regulators playing a crucial role. The key also lies in safeguarding gamers from crypto speculators. It seems that it will take at least a couple more years before gamers will actually start to make some lunch money whilst playing their favorite games and that too without any worry. And do check out our our article Best Play to Earn Games 2022.

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