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BTC Nations - Game Review

"BTC Nations" is a play-to-earn web-based strategy blockchain game in which players can simulate their own nations and compete with others for domination in the BTC Nations universe. In this game, players can develop their own strategies and work towards achieving superiority over other nations. "BTC Nations" offers a unique and engaging gaming experience that combines elements of strategy and competition.

"BTC Nations" is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online (MMO) game set in a persistent environment. The game allows players to interact with other real players who are also simulating their own nations. Every action taken in the game will have an impact on other players, as the game is designed to simulate real-world capitalism. "BTC Nations" offers a unique and immersive gaming experience that allows players to experience the dynamics of real-world capitalism in a virtual setting.

In "BTC Nations," the in-game economic system, known as the tokenomics, follows the law of supply and demand in all transactions with other players. The in-game tokens are carefully designed to ensure that nothing is created out of thin air or disappears when purchasing an asset. This approach helps to maintain the integrity and stability of the in-game economy. Overall, the tokenomics of "BTC Nations" play a critical role in shaping the gameplay experience for players.

BTC Nations Features

  • Create new cities, develop them and mine raw materials, manufacture resources out of raw resources or invest in commerce to increase your tax revenue from citizens.

  • Trade assets on the market with other players in a similar fashion to decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Claim free tokens from the faucet.

  • Wage wars against others and loot their resources (you can also deactivate wars completely).

  • Research new technologies.

  • Join alliances and make new allies to help each other.

  • Receive loans from the central bank.

  • Buy bank shares to earn daily dividends.

  • Stake the game's token on the site exchange to earn even more each time someone uses the exchange.

  • Invite referrals and earn a percentage of their daily tax income.

  • Spy on other users and learn about their nations' strategies.

  • Send/receive resources and make custom trade deals with other players (can issue loans as well) .

  • Communicate through the message system or chat in the alliance chat.

  • Earn on the offerwalls page.

  • Join the discord channel for live support and meet other users.

BTC Nations Earning Opportunities

You can earn in multiple ways and there are unlimited strategies. Everything depends on your style and you can customize your nation according to your choice. The faucet is extremely generous and the smallest possible payout is 0.0004 tokens daily.

The average price of the token is about 1$ however it may increase/decrease in price based on transactions. When the price drops it is ideal to buy more tokens to invest more or HODL and when the price increases it is profitable to start selling to cash out from the game.

Moreover, the development of the game is still in progress and it is being updated weekly making the experience as smooth as possible.

Finally, the game is F2P, to start playing for free register on the site and complete a few objectives (read a small guide) to receive some free tokens to build your first city.

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Best Game Review - BTC Nations

BTC Nations is a P2E web-based strategy blockchain game where you can simulate a nation and compete with others for dominance in the BTCnations universe.

BTC Nations

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BTC Nations is a P2E web-based strategy blockchain game, where you can simulate a nation and compete with others for domination in the BTCnations universe.

BTCNations is the work of an amateur game developer trying hands on the blockchain gaming model.

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