D-Drops- Best Blockchain Game

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D-Drops- Best Blockchain Game

Submerging the metaverse with the real world and creating real-world adventures for users to embark on while at the same time being rewarded with blockchain assets. This is the mission of D-Drops. By creating real-life treasure hunts worldwide, we aim to enrich the world using the newest technologies and, therefore, create the most realistic experience our current day technology has to offer. As most are trying to get into the virtual world (Metaverse) we are bringing the virtual world to us. Instead of physically

isolating users from each other we are bringing them together in the real world and using the infinite experience opportunities the real world has to offer to create the most exciting adventures.

Using blockchain technology, we create adventures for users to embark on, which will be decentralized, fair, rewarding, and very exciting. Through our rewarding and validation method, we ensure the treasure hunt to be spoof proof, fair, and completely community-driven. Furthermore, by creating a straightforward app requiring no blockchain familiarity from the users we make D-Drops accessible to the general audience as well as the blockchain community. The D-Drops world that we envision can be viewed as a Cyberpunk type of world where the virtual reality is embedded in the real world and some aspects of the real world are even controlled by the virtual reality. To achieve such a vision, we first start by creating a decentralized AR treasure hunt experience and will be extending it to a whole system where our app together with our future technologies will work together to create a whole new layer on top of

the physical world.

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D-Drops- Best Blockchain Game

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